Competitor insights on Facebook

One of the best ways to fast-track your marketing efforts online is to reverse engineer the advertisements of your competitors.

It is likely that these successful marketers have tested multiple objectives, creative and targeting to get to a point where they are making profit online.

Whether you are running advertisements for your own business or for a client, the below insights should really help you understand how clever marketers are reaching their customer base.

When scrolling through your newsfeed, you are likely to come across numerous sponsored posts. You should be paying close attention to these, trying to understand why you are being targeted specifically.

Look at the wording and imagery, does it appeal to you? Why? Why not?

To find out the exact targeting criteria being used, simply follow the below steps:

1) Click the arrow at the top right of the ad & select ‘Why am I seeing this?’

2) You can then see from the below that I am being served this ad due to the following:

–  Interest in Gary Vaynerchuck

– Aged between 23-29

– Live in New South Wales, Australia

This information is extremely useful when you are looking to set up your own ads, especially if the business/client belongs to the same industry.

3) You can then investigate further, by clicking ‘Manage your Ad Preferences’ you can dive into various interests and see examples of ads you may be served on Facebook as a result of showing an interest in that category.

4) Using the Entrepreneurship interest as an example, we can see real ads being served to people interested in this topic. You can use this information to help inform your own Images, Headlines, Call to Action and Text.