I wanted to share with you some of the best free tools you can use to save time and improve your PPC advertising. I use the below tools on a daily basis and they have saved me hours of time. Time I can then spend on profit generating activities.

So here it is, my top time-saving tools:

  1. Adwords Editor – If you have multiple campaigns or Adwords accounts, you should most definitely be using Editor. It looks relatively similar to the Google Adwords interface but is much quicler. It allows you to make bulk changes to your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and more in seconds.



  1. Googles Keyword Planner – The keyword planner will be extremely useful in helping you gather ideas for keywords and ad groups. It will also provide you with the search volumes and the estimated cost per click of keywords.

Not only that, but you can use it to plan your budget and forecast spend. You can gather your list of keywords and upload them for an estimate of spend over a designated period of time. It will also provide you with the estimated number of clicks your keyword list should attract.






  1. Google Trends – Google trends is a great tool for discovering trending searches and checking for seasonality in search activity. Some search queries will have distinct patterns in search activity, which Google Trends will help you uncover. This can be extremely useful in planning your budgets and distribution of spend.

As you can see in the below example, the search term ‘get rid of ants’ shows a distinct pattern; being more prominent in the hotter months of Jan and Feb (in Australia).




4.Ubersuggest – A keyword tool which, as its name suggests, will help you uncover keywords you may not have thought of. It will use the keywords you enter into the search bar and suggest a number of additional, longer tail keywords (in alphabetical order).




  1. Adwords Broad Keyword Converter – This tool is useful for converting large lists or specific keywords into the Broad Match Modified format. That is, it will add a ‘+’ sign in front of all keywords.




  1. Keyword Concatenation Tool – This tool will help you to combine various keywords to form longer tail keywords for your account. This is extremely useful to create keyword lists and ad groups quickly. You can also switch between various keyword match types.


  1. Answer the Public – A visual keyword research and content idea generation tool. This tool is an extremely powerful way of understanding the primary questions users are asking in their search queries. By using this tool you can build out a more comprehensive keyword list and also understand the problems your target market is experiencing. You can then structure your ad copy to better hit that pain point, boosting your engagement rates (CTR).



  1. Google Analytics – Another essential tool from Google to be used in conjunction with your Adwords account. This tool allows you to track the effectiveness of your website and campaign performance. You can better understand user behaviour, set up audience lists and goals and much more.


  1. Ghostery – Ghostery is a great Chrome Extension which will allow you to see what tags are located on the site you are browsing. If you are implementing tags on your site for tracking purposes, this is extremely useful to see what tags are firing.